Course objectives

The main objective of the course Advanced Biotechnology is to provide the students with the scientific and professional skills needed in the different areas of industrial biotechnology. The Advanced Biotechnologist is proficient in both biology and chemistry scientific fields and possesses the technical competences required for manipulation and study of biological macromolecules. During the course, the Advanced Biotechnologists also acquire the hard and soft skills needed to play technical and management roles in the biotechnology industry.

The graduated in Advanced Biotechnology can work in the following areas:

  • research and development in biotechnology companies;
  • basic and applied research, in public or private laboratories, in the field of molecular and cellular biotechnology;
  • management of biotechnology production facilities;
  • analysis and biological control and environmental-related industrial biotechnology;
  • professional services laboratory, pharmaceutical and toxicological analysis, quality control;
  • teaching in schools (once completed the necessary entrance examinations and public competitions regulated by law).